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Seoul-ful Eats: Indulge in Philly’s 11 Best Korean Restaurants!

Philadelphia has a diverse food scene that caters to various tastes and preferences. Korean cuisine, in particular, has been gaining popularity in recent years.

The city is home to several Korean restaurants that offer authentic and delicious dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Korean cuisine is known for its bold flavors and unique combinations of spices, sauces, and vegetables. It is a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors that create a harmonious taste.

Whether you are a fan of traditional Korean BBQ, spicy noodles, or savory pancakes, you will find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

In this blog post, we will be exploring the best Korean restaurants in Philadelphia. We have scoured the city to bring you the most authentic and delicious Korean dishes that will leave you wanting more.

From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, we have something for everyone. So, whether you are a Korean food enthusiast or looking to try something new, this guide will help you find the best Korean food in Philadelphia.

1. Buk Chon Korean Cuisine

Buk Chon Korean Cuisine
132 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Google Maps)

Buk Chon Korean Cuisine offers delicious and authentic Korean food at a great price. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

The menu includes traditional dishes like beef bulgogi and spicy chicken, as well as unique options like kimchi paella and fried oysters.

The cozy and comfortable atmosphere makes it a great spot for a casual meal with friends or a date.

Don't forget to bring your own beer or wine to enjoy with your meal.

2. Kim's Restaurant

Kim's Restaurant
5955 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120 (Google Maps)

Kim's Restaurant is a Korean barbecue and restaurant that offers a great dining experience. The staff is friendly and hospitable, making customers feel welcomed.

The quality of meat is amazing, especially when grilled over charcoal, giving it an authentic flavor. The restaurant has a fun and relaxed atmosphere, which adds to the dining experience.

The banchan (side dishes) are plentiful and tasty, complementing the meat dishes. Although it is on the pricier end of Korean BBQ, the quality of the food and the service makes it worth the price.

Kim's Restaurant is highly recommended for those looking for an authentic Korean BBQ experience.

3. Jong Ka Jib

Jong Ka Jib
6600 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19126 (Google Maps)

Jong Ka Jib is a must-visit Korean restaurant for anyone who loves delicious and authentic Korean cuisine.

The restaurant offers a wide range of mouth-watering dishes that are prepared using high-quality ingredients. The soft tofu with seafood and BBQ is a popular favorite among customers.

The restaurant also offers a vegan menu, which is a plus for anyone who follows a plant-based diet. The serene and pleasant ambiance of the restaurant adds to the dining experience.

The service is fast and friendly, and the staff is always ready to help. If you're looking for a great Korean restaurant, Jong Ka Jib is definitely worth checking out.

4. SouthGate

1801 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (Google Maps)

SouthGate is a Korean-inspired gastropub that offers a unique fusion of Korean and American cuisine.

The menu features a variety of flavorful dishes, including kimchi fries, hot stone pot, and Korean fried chicken. The drink list is extensive, with a rotation of beer and eastern-inspired cocktails.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, making it easy to choose the perfect dish. The outdoor seating is comfortable, and the atmosphere is laid-back and inviting.

Whether you're looking for a place to hang out with friends or have a date night, SouthGate is definitely worth checking out.

5. ChiMcKing Chicken & Beer

Chimcking Chicken & Beer
1022 N Marshall St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 (Google Maps)

ChiMcKing Chicken & Beer is a Korean restaurant that serves delicious fried chicken. The restaurant offers a variety of flavors for their chicken, including soy garlic and spicy pork.

They also have an extensive beer selection to complement their dishes. The service is fast and friendly, and the prices are reasonable.

Although the menu options are limited, the food is worth trying. The restaurant has a cute and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a light meal or a quick snack.

If you're in the mood for some tasty Korean fried chicken, ChiMcKing Chicken & Beer is definitely worth a visit.

6. So Korean Grill

So Korean Grill
6201 N Front St Suite 120, Philadelphia, PA 19120 (Google Maps)

So Korean Grill is a hidden gem that offers delicious Korean barbecue and Asian cuisine. The restaurant has a warm and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for dinner with friends or a date night.

Their smokeless grill is very effective, leaving no food odor on clothes. The service is top-notch, with attentive and friendly staff.

The menu features premium kalbi, pork belly, and doenjang jigae, along with chilled buckwheat noodles and spicy sauce. The reusable containers and dishes are a nice touch for takeout.

The price is reasonable for the quality of food and service. So Korean Grill is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for authentic Korean cuisine.

7. Nam Chon

Nam Chon
228 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Google Maps)

Nam Chon is a Korean restaurant that serves authentic and delicious food in a cozy and modern environment.

Their banchan, or small side dishes, are made in-house and add to the overall deliciousness of the meal.

The owner and staff are friendly and helpful, making it a pleasant dining experience.

Their Ribeye Dolsot, rice cake dish, and seafood pancake are highly recommended. Nam Chon is definitely worth a visit for those craving authentic Korean cuisine.

8. Temple Teppanyaki

Temple Teppanyaki
1928 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 (Google Maps)

Temple Teppanyaki is a Korean and Japanese restaurant that serves up delicious food at affordable prices.

Their wings are a must-try, and the staff is kind and professional.

The restaurant offers takeout as well, making it a convenient option for those on the go.

If you're looking for a quick and tasty lunch spot in Temple, Temple Teppanyaki is definitely worth checking out.

9. Tampopo

269 S 44th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Google Maps)

Tampopo is a Korean restaurant that offers great quality and authentic Korean food at an affordable price.

The restaurant has a wide selection of bento boxes that are both ample in quantity and of nice quality. The pork kimchi, spicy chicken, and spicy pork bowls are a must-try.

The bibimbop and bulgogi are also delicious and come in generous servings. Despite occasional closures, Tampopo is a weekly go-to for anyone craving a taste of home.

The service is also great, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

10. Jopok Topokki

Jopok Topokki
6201 N Front St #124, Philadelphia, PA 19120 (Google Maps)

Jopok Topokki is a Korean restaurant that offers great food and service.

The number 5 combo is highly recommended for those who love spicy food, as it comes with fritters, fried dumplings, and topokki at a discounted price.

The lady and son working there are very kind and attentive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

The quality and taste of the food are consistently satisfying, making Jopok Topokki a must-visit for Korean food lovers.

11. Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast

Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast
6201 N Front St #124, Philadelphia, PA 19120 (Google Maps)

Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast is a Korean restaurant that serves fresh and customizable corn dogs and avocado egg toast.

The host is friendly and helpful, and the food is done quickly. The menu and prices are displayed on the table and screens.

They also offer takeout services, but dining in is recommended for hot and ready-to-eat food. The sandwich is huge and messy in a good way, with perfectly cooked eggs and complimentary sauce.

While the prices may be on the expensive side, the delicious food and great service make Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast well worth a visit.