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Get Your Lobster Fix: 10 Top Spots for Juicy Tails in Philly!

Philadelphia is a city known for its food scene, but if there's one thing that stands out above the rest, it's the lobster tails.

Whether you're a local or just visiting, you won't want to miss out on trying some of the best lobster tails the city has to offer.

There's something about the combination of succulent lobster meat and rich, buttery flavor that makes for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

But with so many places claiming to have the best lobster tails in town, how do you know where to start?

That's where this guide comes in. We've scoured the city to bring you the top spots for lobster tails that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Whether you're looking for a fancy sit-down restaurant or a quick bite on the go, we've got you covered.

So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the delicious world of Philadelphia lobster tails.

1. Oyster House

Oyster House
1516 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Google Maps)

Oyster House is a seafood restaurant and oyster bar that has been around since 1976.

They offer a variety of East Coast-style seafood, including lobster tail. While the clam chowder is just okay, their lobster roll is full of flavor and worth a try.

The happy hour oysters are also a hit. The atmosphere is great and the service is friendly.

It can be a bit pricey, but the quality of the seafood justifies the cost. For those who love oysters, this is the place to go.

2. Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime
124 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Google Maps)

Ocean Prime is a sophisticated upscale restaurant that serves classic steak and seafood dishes. The lobster tail here is a must-try for seafood lovers.

The dish is cooked to perfection and is succulent and flavorful. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring that each guest has a delightful dining experience.

The atmosphere is elegant and refined, making it perfect for special occasions or a romantic night out.

Ocean Prime is a fine dining restaurant that is definitely worth a visit for those who enjoy seafood, steak, and upscale dining.

3. Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse
1428-1432 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Google Maps)

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is a high-end chain restaurant that specializes in prime steaks and seafood.

The opulent decor and fine dining atmosphere make for a posh dining experience.

Lobster tail is on the menu and is prepared to perfection. The service is excellent and attentive.

Prices are steep, but it's worth it for a special occasion or a fancy night out.

4. The Olde Bar

The Olde Bar
125 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Google Maps)

The Olde Bar is a retro-style saloon that offers seafood, a raw bar, and retro drinks.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the service is friendly and quick. The lobster tail is a standout dish, buttery and full of flavor.

The menu offers a range of seafood options, including a delicious lobster bisque.

The cocktails are expertly crafted and the wine list is impressive. The Olde Bar is a great spot for a date night or a night out with friends.

5. Ocean Crab

Ocean Crab
3000 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153 (Google Maps)

Ocean Crab is a seafood and Cajun restaurant that serves fresh and flavorful lobster tail. The staff is attentive and professional, making for a pleasant dining experience.

The restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes that are customizable to individual preferences.

The spacious seating and good lighting create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food and service provided.

If you're looking for a great place to have lobster tail, Ocean Crab is definitely worth considering.

6. Pearl and Mary Oyster Bar

Pearl And Mary Oyster Bar
114 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Google Maps)

Pearl and Mary Oyster Bar is a must-visit seafood restaurant for lobster tail lovers. With a great selection of oysters and clams, the raw bar is a standout feature.

The restaurant also offers a wide range of dishes to meet all dietary needs and desires.

The ambiance is stylish and eclectic, adding to the overall dining experience. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the service is fast and attentive.

The prices may be a bit steep, but the food is worth it. Highly recommended for seafood enthusiasts!

7. Ruby's Cajun Seafood Boilhouse

Ruby's Cajun Seafood Boilhouse
2920 Roberts Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129 (Google Maps)

Ruby's Cajun Seafood Boilhouse is a must-visit for seafood lovers. The lobster tail is exceptional and the mussels are a must-try.

The staff is welcoming and friendly, and the restaurant is clean and well-maintained.

The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous.

Whether you're looking for a sit-down meal or takeout, Ruby's Cajun Seafood Boilhouse is the perfect spot.

8. Bralow's Fresh Fish & Seafood

Bralow's Fresh Fish & Seafood
8006 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152 (Google Maps)

Bralow's Fresh Fish & Seafood is a must-visit place for seafood lovers. Their lobster tail is the star of the menu, and it's cooked to perfection.

The restaurant offers a moderate selection of fresh seafood, cooked to order, and always tastes fresh. The service is excellent, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. The store itself is clean and cozy, making it a perfect spot for takeout.

Bralow's Fresh Fish & Seafood is a family-run business that has been around since 1895, and it's clear that they know what they're doing when it comes to seafood.

The prices are a bit on the higher side, but it's worth it for the quality of the food. If you're a seafood lover, then Bralow's Fresh Fish & Seafood should be on your list of places to try.

9. Fresh Gulf Seafood

Fresh Gulf Seafood
2528 S 24th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145 (Google Maps)

Fresh Gulf Seafood is a must-try for lobster tail lovers. Their seafood platters are well-seasoned and flavorful, with generous portions that satisfy any appetite.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including crab, shrimp, and fish sandwiches, all cooked to perfection.

The interior is clean and welcoming, with excellent service that adds to the dining experience.

The prices are reasonable, making it an excellent value. Fresh Gulf Seafood is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood at an affordable price.

10. Shake Seafoods

Shake Seafoods
7596A Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151 (Google Maps)

Shake Seafoods is a great place to indulge in delicious lobster tails.

The seafood is prepared perfectly with lots of flavor and the portions are worth the price tag.

The fried seafood is not over-breaded and the steam mussels and Alaskan crab legs are excellent.

The workers are friendly and attentive, making the experience even better. This is a must-visit for seafood lovers looking for a great meal.