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Philly’s Top Pick: 12 Veggie Burger Havens You’ll Drool Over!

Philadelphia is a city that is known for its delicious food. From classic Philly cheesesteaks to soft pretzels, there is no shortage of options for foodies.

But what about those who are looking for a meat-free option? Fear not, because Philadelphia has some of the best veggie burgers in the country.

Veggie burgers have come a long way from the days of bland, flavorless patties. Nowadays, restaurants are offering a variety of options that are just as satisfying as their meaty counterparts.

Whether you are a vegetarian or simply looking to try something new, there are plenty of places in Philadelphia that offer delicious veggie burgers.

Not only are veggie burgers a healthier option, but they are also better for the environment. Producing meat requires a lot of resources, including water and land.

By choosing a veggie burger, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to create a more sustainable planet. So, why not give it a try? In this blog post, we will highlight some of the best places in Philadelphia to get your veggie burger fix.

1. Tattooed Mom

Tattooed Mom
530 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Google Maps)

Tattooed Mom is an eclectic spot that offers a wide variety of vegetarian options, including some of the best veggie burgers you'll find in town.

The menu is creative and reasonably priced, with vegan and non-vegan options available.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the atmosphere is lively and fun.

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, Tattooed Mom is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a unique dining experience.

2. Goldie

1911 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Google Maps)

Goldie is a hip vegetarian spot that serves delicious falafel sandwiches, salads, and fries.

They also offer tahini shakes that are to die for. The combo meal, which includes a sandwich, fries, and a soda, is reasonably priced.

The staff are friendly and the service is quick. The falafel sandwich is a must-try, and the salads are also good.

The seating is limited, so it's best to go with a friend or order to-go. Goldie is a great option for a healthy and tasty lunch in a trendy atmosphere.

3. Lucky's Last Chance – Queen Village

Lucky's Last Chance - Queen Village
848 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Google Maps)

Lucky's Last Chance – Queen Village is a burger joint that offers a variety of veggie burger options.

Their black bean veggie patty is a great choice for vegetarians, and it can be added to any burger.

Their loaded tots are a must-try, and they have a good selection of draft beer and cocktails. The service is on-point, and the atmosphere has a cool, punk vibe.

If you're looking for a place to satisfy your veggie burger craving, Lucky's Last Chance – Queen Village is definitely worth a visit.

4. Spot Gourmet Burgers

Spot Gourmet Burgers
2821 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 (Google Maps)

Spot Gourmet Burgers offers a great selection of burgers for vegetarians.

The veggie burgers are made with high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. The buns are amazing and add to the overall taste of the burger.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, making the dining experience enjoyable. The seating area is small, so takeout is a popular option.

Spot Gourmet Burgers also gives back to the community, which is a great plus. If you are in the mood for a delicious veggie burger, this is the place to go.

5. Real Food Eatery

Real Food Eatery
207 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (Google Maps)

Real Food Eatery is a must-visit for anyone looking for a healthy and delicious veggie burger. Their menu offers a variety of bases, proteins, and sides to choose from, allowing for a fully customizable meal.

The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, making it the perfect spot for a quick lunch or dinner.

The best part is that everything is gluten-free, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable, making it a great value for the quality of food. If you're in the mood for a veggie burger, Real Food Eatery is a great choice.

6. Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch
34 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Google Maps)

Naked Lunch is a straightforward restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian power bowls, burgers, tacos, and sushi.

Their menu is organic, and they use fresh ingredients that taste great.

The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable for a vegan place. They don't have a lot of variety, but what they do have is fresh, flavorful, and healthy.

If you're looking for a quick and healthy vegan meal, Naked Lunch is a great option.

7. m2o Burgers & Salads

M2O Burgers & Salads
701 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19171 (Google Maps)

If you're in the mood for a delicious veggie burger, look no further than m2o Burgers & Salads.

This casual spot offers made-to-order burgers, salads, fries, and shakes. The quality of the food is excellent and the prices are affordable.

The staff is friendly and efficient, making for a pleasant dining experience.

Whether you're looking to dine in or take out, m2o Burgers & Salads is definitely worth checking out.

8. National Mechanics

National Mechanics
22 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Google Maps)

National Mechanics is a bar and restaurant that serves up delicious veggie burgers.

The menu is well laid out with upfront pricing, and the staff is super friendly. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the food is made in-house.

The bar also has a great selection of beer and cocktails.

If you're looking for a place to grab a tasty veggie burger, National Mechanics is definitely worth checking out.

9. Silk City

Silk City
435 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 (Google Maps)

Silk City is a must-visit for veggie burger lovers. The restaurant offers a great atmosphere and friendly staff.

The menu has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, including vegan wings and a delicious beet salad. The portions are filling and the food is flavorful.

The outdoor seating area is perfect for a summer night out. The restaurant also offers a great selection of drinks.

If you're looking for a great place to indulge in delicious veggie burgers and other vegetarian options, Silk City is the place to go.

10. P'unk Burger

P'unk Burger
1823 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (Google Maps)

P'unk Burger is a must-visit for veggie burger lovers.

With a wide selection of patties, cheeses, toppings, sauces, and condiments, customers have the option to build their own burger or choose one of their house/specialty burgers.

In addition to veggie burgers, P'unk Burger also offers organic and locally sourced patties. The restaurant also has homemade ice cream and milkshakes that are definitely worth trying.

With prompt service and a laid-back atmosphere, P'unk Burger is the perfect spot for a quick and delicious meal.

11. Front Street Cafe

Front Street Cafe
1253 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 (Google Maps)

Front Street Cafe is a charming restaurant that offers a range of delicious veggie burgers for plant-based eaters.

With fresh ingredients and perfectly cooked patties, the burgers are sure to satisfy any hunger cravings. The menu also offers plenty of options for meat eaters and vegans alike.

The atmosphere is great, with outdoor seating that provides a lovely ambiance. The staff is knowledgeable about allergies and dietary restrictions, making dining here a breeze.

All in all, Front Street Cafe is a must-visit for anyone looking for a tasty and satisfying veggie burger experience.

12. Shake Shack Rittenhouse

Shake Shack Rittenhouse
2000 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Google Maps)

Shake Shack Rittenhouse offers delicious veggie burgers that are a must-try for any vegetarian or vegan.

The restaurant is known for its animal-conscious approach and cozy atmosphere that is a midpoint between fast food and a restaurant. The service is exceptional, and the prices are reasonable.

The fries are outstanding, and the Shroom Burger is a crowd favorite. Customers can also load their burgers with toppings at no extra cost.

Shake Shack Rittenhouse is a great place to indulge in some fast food without compromising on taste or ethics.