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Noodled and Boozed: Philly’s Top 8 Drunken Noodle Havens

Philadelphia is known for its diverse cuisine, and one dish that stands out among the rest is drunken noodles.

This spicy and flavorful Thai dish has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. However, with so many options in the city, it can be difficult to know where to find the best drunken noodles.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places in Philadelphia that serve up delicious drunken noodles. From cozy hole-in-the-wall restaurants to trendy spots, there is something for everyone.

But what makes a good drunken noodle? It's all in the sauce. A perfectly balanced blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors will have you coming back for more.

Whether you're a fan of traditional drunken noodles or prefer a twist on the classic dish, Philadelphia has something for you.

Some restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options, while others serve up a spicier version for those who like to turn up the heat. So, grab your chopsticks and get ready to explore the best places for drunken noodles in Philadelphia.

1. House of Thai Cuisine

House Of Thai Cuisine
3520 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149 (Google Maps)

House of Thai Cuisine is a hidden gem for lovers of Thai food. The menu offers a nice variety of dishes, but the drunken noodles are the standout.

The flavors are bold and the noodles have the perfect texture.

The staff is friendly and the ambiance is cozy. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food.

If you're in the mood for some delicious Thai cuisine, House of Thai Cuisine is definitely worth a visit.

2. Xiandu Thai Fusion Cuisine

Xiandu Thai Fusion Cuisine
1119 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Google Maps)

Xiandu Thai Fusion Cuisine offers a delectable experience with their amazing and authentic Thai food. The menu offers a fusion of Thai and Pan-Asian classics that are sure to satisfy any craving.

The restaurant has a casual and contemporary dining room with a sushi bar, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal.

The Pad See Ew and Pad Thai are highly recommended, but don't forget to try their specialty cocktails and appetizers like the Roti Canai.

Xiandu Thai Fusion Cuisine is a must-try for anyone looking for the best Thai food in the area.

3. Kalaya

4 W Palmer St, Philadelphia, PA 19125 (Google Maps)

Looking for authentic Thai food that's worth every penny you spend on it, Kalaya is the place to be. With a menu that's packed with flavors and dishes that are delightfully complex, Kalaya is a fantastic spot for drunken noodles.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.

The restaurant offers generous portions of food meant for sharing, which is perfect for those who want to try different dishes. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat-lover, Kalaya has something for everyone.

Don't hesitate to chat with the staff and ask for recommendations. The food is so good that you'll want to come back for more.

4. Grandma's Philly

Grandma's Philly
1304 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Google Maps)

Grandma's Philly is a small plates restaurant that serves delicious Thai food.

Their Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) is world-class and a must-order. The Khao Soi and Crying Grandma are also highly recommended.

The atmosphere is cozy and warm, with friendly staff who take great care of their customers. The chef even comes out to check on how customers enjoyed the menu.

If you're looking for authentic and flavorful Thai food, Grandma's Philly is definitely worth a visit.

5. Thai Square Restaurant

Thai Square Restaurant
2521 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (Google Maps)

Thai Square Restaurant is a must-visit place for drunken noodles. The restaurant offers a range of Thai dishes that are reasonably priced and well-portioned.

The staff is friendly, and the service is prompt. The restaurant has a cozy and clean atmosphere, and the outdoor seating is perfect for a nice day out.

The dishes are flavorful, and the spice level ranges from mild to hot. The Yom Tum soup and Penang Curry are highly recommended. The restaurant is BYOB, so you can bring your favorite alcoholic beverages.

Thai Square Restaurant is a casual and traditional Thai restaurant that provides classic Thai meals, making it a great neighborhood spot for Thai food lovers.

6. Vientiane Cafe

Vientiane Cafe
4728 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143 (Google Maps)

Vientiane Cafe is a cozy BYOB spot that serves authentic Thai and Laotian cuisine.

The restaurant offers a range of dishes, including curries, noodles, salads, and soups. The food is flavorful and delicious, and the portions are generous.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The restaurant is also vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with a variety of options available.

While the wait can be long during peak hours, the food is definitely worth it.

7. Cily Chicken Rice and Thai food

Cily Chicken Rice And Thai Food
933 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Google Maps)

Looking for a place that serves authentic Thai food in town, Cily Chicken Rice and Thai food is definitely worth checking out. Their drunken noodles are cooked to perfection, and the texture is just right.

The chicken rice combo is a must-try for those who love crispy chicken. The restaurant also offers a set chicken platter for two, which includes soup, ginger rice, chicken, and assorted dipping sauces.

The portion size is generous, and the prices are reasonable. The service is fast, and the staff is friendly. If you're in the mood for some spicy food, be sure to ask the server to adjust the spice level.

The restaurant also offers gluten-free options. In short, Cily Chicken Rice and Thai food is a great place to satisfy your cravings for Thai food.

8. Ameri Thai

Ameri Thai
1244 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (Google Maps)

Ameri Thai is a cozy, family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine.

Their drunken noodles are a must-try, as they are flavorful and perfectly cooked. The portion sizes are generous, and the prices are affordable.

The staff is friendly and provides quick service. The dining area is simple but pleasant.

They also offer lunch specials and delivery options. Ameri Thai is a great spot for a delicious Thai meal.